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Solar energy has gotten to be quite popular in the town of San Jose and anyone who happens to be driving down the roads and looks at the roof of each house can attest to that. It should be no surprise either since solar puts the hard earned money of the homeowner back into their pocket instead of going into the pocket of the electrical company. That money saved can then be used for more important things like buying a new boat to take out on the delta. The average homeowner in San Jose that goes solar with Rodda Electric literally saves thousands annually on their electricity bill.

Homeowners in San Jose that have made the switch to solar energy unanimously agree that going solar was probably one of their better investment decisions in their lives. It’s an extremely low risk investment with an extremely high rate of return. The Rodda Electric office is located in Brentwood and as a resident of your neighboring town you can trust that we will do the best job possible at the best price available.

A decision to go solar in San Jose would result in substantial savings on one’s electricity bill. And with new leasing and financing options available, going solar is easier than ever. Click here to find out your annual cost for electricity and how much you could be saving by going solar. Or, if you’re looking to set up an on-site solar consultation, give us a call at (925) 240-6024.