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Fairfield Solar

Just like any other city in the East Bay, the sun shines bright in Fairfield, making it a great place to cash in on switching to solar energy. From traveling to our great Bay Area beaches, having a quiet dinner at your favorite restaurant , or simply shopping there are a lot better ways to spend your hard earned money rather than giving it to PG+E each month.

Going green with Rodda Electric would mean putting more green in your pocket. Currently there are State and Federal rebates available which make this the best time to be cashing out on solar.

A decision to go solar in Fairfield would result in substantial savings on one’s electricity bill. And with new leasing and financing options available, going solar is easier than ever. Click here to find out your annual cost for electricity and how much you could be saving by going solar. Or if you’re looking to set up an on-site solar consultation, give us a call at (925) 240-6024.