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Cupertino Solar

Abundant sunshine makes Cupertino one of the better places in the Bay Area to go solar. Because of this, the average home in Cupertino will require fewer panels, yet will still be able to see substantial savings versus a home in a neighboring county. Another factor that makes going solar in Cupertino attractive is that the state of California gives a cash rebate to homeowners that decide to go solar. The Federal Government also gives a 30% Federal Tax Credit which also drives down the cost of going solar.

Rodda Electric has been incorporated in the city of Brentwood for 15 years. As a major commercial electrical contractor, Rodda Electric has done all of the electrical work inside and out on sites throughout the Bay Area such as Google Inc. in Mountain View, The Streets of Brentwood including the Rave movie theater, and the Lawrence Berkley National Lab just to name a few. We only let our own certified electricians do our solar installations so you can rest assured that you are getting the best quality of workmanship available.

A decision to go solar in the Cupertino would result in substantial savings on one’s electricity bill. And with new leasing and financing options available, going solar is easier than ever. Click here to find out your annual cost for electricity and how much you could be saving by going solar. Or if you’re looking to set up an on-site solar consultation, give us a call at (925) 240-6024.